deadsea lay back

The best tips for tanning at the beach & how to avoid sunburn

So how does one get a tan safely? Is there a way of doing so without being exposed to dangers such as painful burns? Grab a towel, sunglasses & get ready!

Ein Bokek beach Dead Sea

Dead Sea beaches – All you need to know about the best beaches in Israel

From sandy dunes and urban beaches to tall cliffs and rocky beaches dotted with tiny, shimmering pools. Find out about the best Dead Sea beaches!

old jaffa

Going to Israel? Everything you should know about Israeli culture

Israel may be a very small country, but it is full of good things: cosmopolitan cities, a flourishing countryside, gorgeous beaches & unforgettable people!

rihanna in the dead sea

Stars in the Mud: which celebrities have been to the Dead Sea?

Which celebrities have visited the Dead Sea lately, and what have they been doing there? This article will dish the dirt on them – literally.

Nahal Arugot Hike

Dead Sea tourism – what to do in the Dead Sea

For those of you who prefer active holidays, we’ve gathered the most interesting places to visit and the most exciting activities to participate in.

Story of Masada

The Story of Masada – the siege and its symbolic meaning

What is the story behind Masada and why is it so symbolic to the Jewish people? If you plan a visit there, make sure you read this article beforehand!

Dead Sea nightlife

After the spa: Find where to go out in the Dead Sea – restaurants, events & nightlife

After a day of spa treatments, walks or historical tours, what to do at night? You’ll be happy to know there are some great options for evening outings!

Dead Sea Mystery

Dead Sea Mystery: what is special about the Dead Sea?

The lowest place on Earth also holds many secrets and has played an important role throughout the history of the peoples of the area. If you are curious to learn more about the mysteries and legends the Dead Sea has become famous for, read on

Sermon on Lot’s Wife Looking Back

Who was Lot? What happened to Lot’s wife? What’s the connection to Sodom and Gomorrah? If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the story of Lot and his wife, this is your opportunity – just keep reading.

Is the Dead Sea Dangerous?

The Dead Sea certainly has an intimidating name—downright morbid, really. But is the Dead Sea dangerous to human beings, all things considered?