Dead Sea Black Mud – Benefits for Skin

How could it be that something that is perceived in modern culture as dirty, unwelcome and undesirable had been used by so many people for so many generations?


Dead Sea Products for your Health and Beauty

The Dead Sea has long been considered a unique travel destination due to the high concentration of salts and minerals in the water as well as the agreeable climate, both of which constitute a factor in the spa treatments that the location is known for. The lake attracts a plethora of tourists each year, seeking to relax amidst the desert view and float effortlessly upon the salt-rich water.

Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

Minerals are required in our bodies for essential activities such as cell renewal, cellular communication and “change of information” between cells, collecting moisture, creating energy, maintaining the uniformity of texture and ability to protect the skin from external damage. Lack of one mineral may disrupt the normal activity of the skin, causing inflammation, dryness and early aging.

Skin Diseases & Treatments

Very few places in the world can boast the ability to cure diseases just by their existence. The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, is also the only place where healing of a variety of skin diseases and muscle aches occur by just floating in the mineral rich water.

Dead Sea Benefits – General Health Facts

The Dead Sea – The largest natural spa and health resort in the World.