Selfie in the Dead Sea

How much time and money would you be willing to invest in a picture? Some people for instance have set themselves a challenge of having their picture taken near each of the world’s seven wonders. What began with hiking bloggers is now a media epidemic. People who are willing to do almost anything and go anywhere to get the most exposure and likes.

They would stand on the tip of a cliff, climb thousands of stairs in the blazing sun or go as far as the North Pole to watch the glowing effect of the Aurora. The highest point on earth, the lowest one, the most impressive building or photogenic nature phenomenon – they’ll go, take pictures and tag, only to add another must see places in the world to their blog

So, whether you prefer selfies, a picture of your back facing the magnificent view or being captured in midair as you take that jump – here are some must see destinations (and the travel) so you can be the star of your own iconic image.

Some of these places were nominated for the world wonder list and some actually made it, but there’s no doubt all are worth a stamp in your passport.

Dead Sea – Israel

Climbing to the highest point on earth requires tremendous effort and coping with such altitudes can be hazardous to your health. The lowest point on earth (at minus 423 meters below sea level to be exact) poses no such risk and requires no special skills – just come.

Apart from ticking it off your to-do list, you can float on the lake’s water, heavy from high concentration of salt. The unique chemical make-up of the Dead Sea water and its health properties make it a tourist attraction, so it’s no wonder it was nominated as a world wonder.

The two most popular pictures to take at the Dead Sea are floating on your back holding a newspaper and a photo of you covered from head to toe with the healing Dead Sea black mud. It’s not one or the other, you can have it all.

So, if dignitaries and celebrities manage to squeeze the Dead Sea into their tight schedules, you should too. And here’s another tip for you: while there, go to nearby Masada, an isolated cliff in the Judea Desert, where you can enjoy a magnificent vantage point and take some splendid pictures.

The Great Wall – China

With a staggering ten million visitors a year, this great wall is definitely a tourist attraction. More than 6,000 kilometers long, it is one of the ancient world’s seven wonders. Of course, you don’t have to cover its length; a section of it will suffice. The most visited one is the “Badaling”, however, we recommend a section called “Mu Tian Yu”. It is less travelled but the view is spectacular and it would still count as a visit to the Great Wall.

Machu Picchu, Peru

No South American trip is complete without a great check on climbing to Machu Picchu, one of the few ancient Inka towns that is completely untouched by time. The top, which is like a small town, is a well know tourist attraction. Visitors feel they get a glimpse into an ancient and fast disappearing world, eliciting powerful gods, myths and extinct civilizations. Macho Picchu was declared one of the new world seven wonders for good reason, three thousand stairs stand between you and a picture on the top.

Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

What is it about this metal structure that draws so many to it? Maybe it’s how odd and strange it is to the city’s general look; maybe it is its association with wine, begets and quality cheese, and maybe because it features in so many movies and we all want to feel like film stars for just one moment. Taking a picture near the Eiffel Tower is a matter of seconds but climbing it is involved in standing in line for hours. Seen from almost everywhere in the city, you don’t have to be standing right next to it to take a great picture of this magnificent symbol of Paris; you can lounge on a hotel balcony or any other vantage point across the city and get a picture just as impressive.

The Iguazu Falls – the border of Brazil and Argentina

Declared on of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Iguazu falls are on the border between Brazil and Argentina. This lush tropical green belt justifies a visit of at least 2-3 days, so you can admire it from every direction. No offence to the Argentinians, if you only have one day, visit the Brazilian side. Be sure to pack a change of clothes, because nobody stays dry there. If you want to experience the falls from another angel, you can use a boat or fly over in a helicopter. Not cheap but totally worth it.

The Aurora or the northern light

That light has always been there, a unique natural phenomenon of particles colliding with air molecules and releasing energy in the form of light. The northern light has become increasingly trendier in the last three years. It can be watched from several vantage points in Alaska, island, Norway, Sweden and Canada. This phenomenon can be seen in the South Pole too, however, in the North Pole, especially in winter, it is much more impressive, and in pictures it is even more striking, so this is where you should take your most sophisticated camera and tripod. You may capture only a dark silhouette of yourselves but that’s great too.

The Grand Canyon – north-west Arizona, USA

Striking like a computer screen saver, the Grand Canyon attracts 5 million visitors every year. A gawking 2 kilometers deep and 30 kilometers long, this is definitely worth a visit and a picture. The Grand Canyon didn’t make the cut of the ancient world wonders list; it is “only” a USA wonder, but it will take your breath away all the same. Just a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas, the canyon offers multiple tracks of different levels of fitness and hiking skill experience. Whether a short visit of a few hours or a 2-day track with overnight camping, no camera or drone can capture the full scale of this majestic feature of nature. Still, even a partial picture of this wonder will remind you of the great time you had there.