Jerusalem to Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the most popular and famous tourist attractions in Israel. Famed worldwide for being the lowest point on land in the world, the Dead Sea is a salt lake which resides on the western border of the Judean Desert in Southern Israel.

The lake attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually who come to enjoy the sea’s rare buoyant qualities. The high concentration of salt allows you to float across the water, without needing to swim. In addition, the sea’s floor contains plenty of mineral-rich mud that provides tremendous aesthetic healing qualities.

The surrounding area is filled with famous archaeological and historical sites, and the immediate shore is lined with many luxurious hotels and spas.

Travel & Pricing Information:

If you’re planning to travel from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea by public transport, there are a range of bus options available. The Israeli bus company – Egged, operates a daily bus from Jerusalem to Dead Sea – bus number #486. There is an option to reserve a seat in advance here and see here for full timetables and route information. The price is 37.5 ₪ for an adult.

As well as the public buses, you can also book a private dead sea tour from Jerusalem. Options include a private shuttle where the driver will wait for you to take you back at the end of the day, or you can opt for a fully guided tour. If you choose to pay for a tour guide, we recommend you throw in a trip from Jerusalem to Masada as well. Masada is located next to the Dead Sea and is one of the most famous historical sites in the region.

Travelling from Jerusalem to Dead Sea by car:

However, if you have the means, we strongly recommend travelling from Jerusalem to dead sea by car. Along the way you will encounter some of the most wonderfully scenic lookout spots and heritage sites and travelling by car allows you the freedom to spend some time at these locations.

Below, we will explain how to get from Jerusalem to Dead Sea, how far is the Dead Sea from Jerusalem, and where to stop along the way:

Jerusalem to Dead Sea distance:

The Jerusalem to Dead Sea distance is 116 KM, which equates to a driving time of approximately 2 hours to arrive to Ein Bokek, depending on traffic. We advise you to leave early, preferably before 7 AM, so you can arrive at the sea long before noon.

The route:

There are a few different route options, but we recommend driving through the West Bank, straight down along the coast of the Dead Sea from Jerusalem to Ein Bokek – Dead Sea resort.

When you exit Jerusalem heading South, follow Route 1 past Maale Adumim, through Mitzpe Yericho until you reach Route 90. This road will take you from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi, along the Jordanian border towards Ein Bokek.

Where to Stop:

Kalia Beach

Dead Sea Kalia Beach Bar

Travelling from Jerusalem to Ein Bokek via Route 90 means you will pass by some of the lesser-known northern beaches of the Dead Sea. The most popular and well-known is Kalia Beach, the northernmost beach of the Dead Sea. There is plenty to enjoy here, including golden sand and a glorious view of Jordan’s East Bank. In addition,  located here is the ‘lowest bar in the world’.

Einot Tzokim

Soon after joining Route 90 you will encounter Einot Tzokim, which is a desert oasis and one of the most scenic places to cool off and relax in the Judean Desert. This place is especially recommended during the summer months as the natural springs and shallow pools offer a wonderfully refreshing escape from the hot sun. Guided tours, refreshments, and souvenirs are also available.

Other Dead sea sites:

There are many other places to stop along the way, including Mitzpeh Shalem, the Canet Site, and Metsoke Dragot. Each place provides a unique viewpoint, a piece of history, and a break from the desert’s relentless sun.

What to bring:

There are few items that you must bring with you when visiting the Dead Sea, these include:

  • Water – in the summer, the Dead Sea temperature reaches the low 40s (Celsius)
  • Sunscreen and a hat – even though the Dead Sea unique climate reduces the UV index, it is still very hot and sunny, so make sure to take a sunscreen so no sunburns will disturb your vocation.
  • Flip Flops – the sand can get extremely hot and is impossible to walk on barefoot
  • A secure bag – watches, and jewellery can’t be worn in the sea so make sure to bring something secure to keep them in.
  • Camera – Dead Sea landscape is absolutely breathtaking, make sure to make a lot of pictures that will be reminding you of this incredible place!